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How to choose the right bike for your child


The biggest and most joyful gift for any kid will be a two-wheeled bicycle from the Velotrade store. How to make a gift not only a joy for a child, but also be safe and meet all safety criteria?

The basic rule that should be followed in this case is not to acquire a thing for the future, or “for growth”. Such your cost savings can lead to serious problems.

It’s easy to buy a modern children's bike, however, when choosing, first of all, you should be guided by the following important features:

    Wheel. The dimensions and parameters of the wheels can always be found in the age table, which gives an exact definition and the ratio of sizes and age.
    Seat height. In this case, you need to remember that the correct location of the foot on the lower pedal is a straightened state. If the foot is located on the upper pedal, it should not be in contact with the steering device. The next important point at this stage is the fact that the child should place the foot on the pedals completely, and not with the heel or toe.
    The distance between the frame of the bicycle and the feet of the baby should be 10 cm.
    The child should easily handle the bicycle, and in the event of a breakdown, which is sometimes inevitable, he could bring it home, that is, you should choose a fairly convenient and practical model of the bicycle.
    Mountain bikes should be chosen where the chain will be hidden under a special cover, so it will be much safer and more convenient.
    You should also focus on the height of the steering gear. It is necessary to check the fact whether it will be convenient for the child to hold the steering wheel on an outstretched arm during rotary and rotational movements. In the event of a fall, the steering wheel does not impose any harm to the child, and can even protect it.
    Do not try to follow all the fashion trends, do not buy a child under 10 years old for children’s two-wheeled bicycle with high-speed gears, since a kid at this age is not yet able to keep track of the road, and at the same time switch speeds on the bike, let him acquire simple driving skills at the beginning, ordinary bike.
    Do not buy a bicycle in which a function such as a hand brake is built in, since the child’s hand is not yet so strong that he can use it. If the child is small enough, it is best to order a bike with a foot brake.

Based on all these basic recommendations, you can get a real and perfect gift for your child. But, just remember that a child riding a bicycle should always be supervised by adults.


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