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6 budget visa-free travel destinations for Russians


Budget and visa-free vacation by the sea - this is not only Turkish hotels and resorts in Krasnodar, who managed to get bored. Of course, there are many countries where you can relax quite cheaply, but many of them require obtaining a visa, which complicates the task and immediately increases the cost of travel. Let's talk about less popular, but no less beautiful places where you can spend a vacation that does not hit the wallet and does not require bureaucratic red tape.

Having studied the directory, any tourist will be able to choose the best hotel for both family holidays and any other.

When a person thinks about where to spend his vacation, this country rarely comes to mind, but in vain. The sunny state on the coast of the purest Adriatic Sea has not yet been spoiled by tourists: the locals are truly hospitable, and the prices do not bite. Citizens of the Russian Federation who wish to visit Albania for the purpose of tourism from June 1 to November 1, 2019 do not need a visa, and the period of stay in the country is up to 90 days.


It borders on Albania and also boasts a magnificent coast and a mild climate. Montenegrin language is a member of the Slavic group of languages, so that you can communicate with the local languages ​​without knowing English. Local cuisine will delight anyone: the portions are large, the food is tasty and inexpensive - dinner at a local institution will cost about 5-10 euros per person. Without a visa in the country can be up to 30 days.


As a rule, this country is not associated with marine recreation, but in Georgia there are not only majestic mountains, but also excellent beaches. A well-developed infrastructure will make your rest comfortable, you definitely will not be bored. Most likely, Georgian cuisine will contribute to the fact that you return home harder for a couple of kilograms, but the food there is so tasty that it is impossible to refuse supplements. Entry without a visa for Russian citizens year-round.


The choice of tourists to the Mediterranean, Red and Dead Sea. And maybe all at once - this is a compact country, which is quite possible to go round entirely during the holidays. Everyone will find something suitable for themselves: treatment with salts of the Dead Sea, diving in the depths of the Red or a beautiful tan on the Mediterranean coast. Cheap airfares and 90 days of visa-free travel make Israel even more attractive.


Exotic African country washed by the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. Golden and hot sand, warm sea, ancient mosques and palaces, colorful eastern markets will not leave anyone indifferent. Try your hand at surfing or diving. You can impose this tale 90 days without a visa.

All the above countries are rich not only in various tourist attractions, but also in history. It will be interesting to spend time on the beach and on excursions.


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