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The well-being of Abu Dhabi makes the city popular for tourism and leisure. During the trip, guests of the UAE visit the Persian Gulf embankment with many architectural structures. Sights open since the beginning of the XXI century attract tourists from all over the world. They go to Abu Dhabi to relax on the beaches, visit zoos, attractions and reserves, as well as see the city from the height of skyscrapers.

Skyscrapers and towers of Abu Dhabi

“Aldar HQ” is a building that attracts attention with its unusual architectural form among all the skyscrapers of Abu Dhabi. It houses the office of Aldar. The surface of the concrete building 110 meters high has a symmetrical bend, making the skyscraper look like a seashell.

Inside the building is equipped with innovative automated systems. They are intended for the life support of the city. The skyscraper is considered an architectural masterpiece.

“Capital Gate” is another high-rise building erected in 2007-2011. The “leaning tower” reinforced with mesh has a façade consisting of glass panels in the shape of rhombuses. The office building is a 5-star hotel.

Al-Bahar and Etihad towers are skyscrapers built from environmentally friendly materials. Built in conjunction with Arup Engineers (Britain) in 2012, two al-Bahar skyscrapers are called twins on the east side of the city. Their walls on the outside are sliding entrance groups, driven by solar energy. In them, the Arabian style successfully harmonizes with an ultramodern design.

If you go to the embankment of the Persian Gulf, you can see 5 skyscrapers. These are the towers of Etihad, the highest of which reaches 300 meters. They are reserved for offices, shops, restaurants and the hotel, and the 74th floor of one of them provides the Observation Deck at 300 platform for a panoramic view.
Sights of the island of Yas

The most popular in the emirate of Abu Dhabi is the island of Yas, which used to be a fishing village. The name of this place, located east of the city center, comes from the end of the name of the Bani Yas tribe inhabiting the island. It has places with higher attendance: the Yas Waterworld water park, the Ferrari World park, the Yas Mall shopping center, and the Yas Marina racetrack.

The opening of the Ferrari World theme water park in 2012 is connected with the automotive legend of the Ferrari brand. Attractions are not only there, but also in the water park.

Named after Sheikh Zayed Mosque, which was founded by the first president of the UAE. It is allowed to enter people of any faith. It is included in the list of 6 mosques in the world with the largest area.

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